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About Us

As the owner of Glastonbury Burners, I have over thirty experience in the field of airflow technology, state of the art welding techniques, metallurgy, and of course building wood burners.

I first built a burner similar in style to the now very much talked about Glastonbury Griffin, well known within the traveller communities throughout the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, a small dependable, built to last little stove.

Since its inception all those years ago, I have developed this utilitarian stylish wood burner for use in almost any situation, and its design is flexible, simple, sturdy, almost indestructible, yet it works extremely well.

New owners are amazed at how easily they perform and function and are equally surprised at the heat output of this user friendly little stove built by hand in his workshop in the heart of the Sumerset Levels.

My workshop is well equipped to cope with all commissions demanded from him. I have a host of mechanical engineering tools, from an ancient power hacksaw to the very latest in digital steel cutting equipment.

In this ever demanding market I keep my overheads low, allowing me to keep my costs competitive. My flair for designing unusual efficient burners for any type of household d├ęcor and any type of vehicle, be it a fishing boat off the Isle of lewis, a modest LDV conversion, a barge or even a simple hut in the mountains, keeps me busy, yet I will always find time to talk with my clients about their needs and design ideas.

Ten years as a Master chimney sweep was time well spent, giving me a wealth of knowledge regarding this aspect of log burner ownership, and I will gladly advise you on any queries you may have for your installation and safety.