The Typhon is a dedicated wooburner / Oven atop.

CONGRATULATIONS: You have just found your perfect handbuilt woodburner/oven, in terms of craftsmanship, design, quality of materials and price.

The concept of having an oven on the top makes perfect sense when it comes to space saving, if you can go upwards, why go sideways?

The oven space has been maximised by clever use of internal flues and the top can be used to cook on aswell, the best of both worlds. Not only does this unit look neat, it has a performance to suit, it has a nominal output of 5 kw, and with clever use of internal flues, which are easily accessible to clean, the oven space has been maximised. The feet have been fitted with strong fittings, almost impossible to see, so that the unit can be bolted to the floor if being used in a travelling vehicle, be it bus, truck or barge.

Overall Dimensions: height 780 mm to top of collar, overall width 420 mm, overall depth 400 mm

Firebox dimensions: height 290 mm, width 280 mm, depth 300 mm

Oven dimensions: height 200 mm, width 260 mm, depth 240mm

The Typhon is priced at £535.00.

Please note: Courier fee will be charged at minimum cost on the day.